The Program


Let’s face it, we live in a toxic world. From the preservatives found in food, to drugs in our water supply to chemicals from pesticides, household cleaners, cigarette smoke and even the sun’s radiation, the environment that surrounds us is filled with poisons.

The cumulative effect of all those chemicals can sometimes lead to symptoms such as:

  • fatigue
  • muscle aches and pains
  • sleep difficulties
  • foggy thinking
  • weight gain
  • depression
  • mood swings
  • general anxiety

In the 1970s, L. Ron Hubbard was researching the effects of drugs on the human mind. While working with cases that had previously used drugs, his research revealed that LSD stays in the system for years after ingestion, lodging in the fatty tissues of the body.

Months or even years later, a person can re-experience a “trip” as LSD residues dislodge from the fatty tissue.

Mr. Hubbard’s research further revealed that a long list of other toxic substances, such as chemical poisons, other street drugs or medical drugs could also remain in the body, causing negative effects on a person for years to come.

He found that these toxic residues posed a growing threat to a person’s spiritual advancement and well-being, as drugs and environmental toxins were becoming more common.

The Purification Program is a meticulously researched regimen of exercise, sauna, healthy nutrition and vitamins designed to help rid your body of harmful drug or chemical residues.

To date, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have gone through the Purification Program, giving them a fresh start on life, with new vitality.

How Does it Work?

runningmachineThe program includes running, sauna time and proper nutrition. An additional benefit is that by following the structure of the program, you may gain a new sense of discipline and purpose you can apply to every aspect of your life.


You’ll run to get the bloody circulating deeper into the tissues. Ultimately the purpose is not to sweat, but to carry out cell waste and cause circulation in the deepest parts of the muscles and tissues.


After a run, the next step of the regimen is sweating in the sauna. Sauna and run time are customised for the individual, but generally, more time is spent in the sauna


Healthy eating – especially fresh vegetables – combined with vitamins, minerals and extra oil to replace toxin-saturated fats, is another pillar of the program.

They’re essential for rebuilding and replacing nutrients and other beneficial elements depleted by agricultural chemicals, preservatives, prescription drugs and other toxins. Sufficient water intake is also very important during the process which is critical for flushing out the system.

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