I completed the Purification Rundown and it gave me a completely new view on life. To be honest, I never took drugs so I didnt expect it to be as powerful as it was. But it was remarkable - I feel exhilarated and more in control. I am able to think clearer, I don’t get as upset as I used to at things and I am a lot more rational. I realized how toxins in the environment had been effecting me. It definitely pulled me out of the fog.
Fifteen years of brain fog has dissipated in a few weeks. I never realized how past drugs and toxins impinged upon my present state. Now that these toxins are removed from my system, I experience life with vigor reminiscent of how I felt as a kid. I look forward to enjoying the future!
The Purication Rundown has changed my life, my physical well-being and my attitude toward a much better existence of survival. I feel healthy and I am aware that I am in control of my life, which had been hampered prior to the program.
I completed the Purification Rundown. I am alive, I no longer have a fog around me - I can see what is really going on in my life rather than living in a ‘fairyland.’ I am off drugs and now a productive person in society. The Purification Rundown completely changed my life.
After completing the Purification Rundown, I noticed a tremendous upsurge in my mental well-being. I feel relaxed, my memory has improved a lot and I feel much less dispersed.
When I started the Purifcation Rundown I had a vague, uncertain state of mind due to years of social drug abuse. About a third way through the program I felt my mind becoming much clearer than it had been for several years. About halfway through the program, my perception of sounds and colours improved. At the end of the program I felt great when I woke up every morning.
After doing the Purification Rundown, I have a lot more energy, my long-range sight is now better. I feel my body is much better, much lighter than before, and it’s a great feeling.
So many toxins have left my system. I realized how these toxins can hold a person back. I feel free and happier.
I became much calmer, happier, healthier. I can do sports for much longer than ever before and I just feel like this is a new start for my life.
I feel absolutley amazing, better than i have felt in years! I got the trust in my body back, it’s quite a amazing, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I made friends here too, they are friends for life. You are shining at the end.
I am clear and free of drugs and toxins that have impinged on my body and affected me over the last 50 years! This is very satisfying.
I feel fantastic. My whole body feels new again. I don’t have any niggling aches or pains and feel completely re-built. My mind feels clearer and less full of junk. I can’t remember feeling this good.
I feel free from the effects of toxins. I am physically in better shape than I have been for a long time. I feel much younger, my body feels light and I feel very vital and happy!
I have discovered I am more interested in life than before the Purification Rundown. I got rid of a lot of drugs, chemicals and radiation. My body feels new!
I did the Purification Rundown. Even after the first day I felt my body let go of toxins, I felt relief. After three weeks I felt better physically than I had in years. I felt sharp and strong in body and in mind. I even had a friend commenting on how fresh and full of life I looked!
I took drugs in order to escape from pain and try to cope with life as I did not know another way. Slowly and painfully I started to die on the inside. I felt the full force of it as it ran out on the Purification Rundown. How I feel today is so difficult to write down, it is bigger than me. It is love, it is freedom, it is joy and happiness! I feel alive!
The difference in me, before and after the Purification Rundown, is night and day. I have a new life ahead of me.
Before I did the Purification Rundown, I felt like old age was hitting me, but . My reaction times are quicker. My mental activity is quicker.
On the Purification Rundown, my perceptions improved. I can see, hear and smell things better. I feel 900 times cleaner and physically and mentally. I am more able to think clearly.
All these toxins and poisons were making me think lower. My body is rid of them and ready to live life again. I can focus better. My mind doesn’t go wondering off into other directions like it used to.
These are reports from people who have completed the program and are not claims made by the Church of Scientology. No claims are made that these or any similar results will be achieved.